Covid-19 Return to Play

Covid-19 Return to Play

Hi all tennis Players

Some good news at last. After weeks of isolation, we are now permitted to play tennis again, albeit under different circumstances and conditions.

Over the past week, the Club has had lengthy discussions with Tennis Victoria and the Ballarat City Council.

Tennis returns tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 1:00, and Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm with Leigh

Coaching is also permitted to resume, contact Peter and Hiroko for more details on this. Peter is also prepared to offer some coaching/fitness/PE work for adults and kids during
school times. Contact Peter 0417382865 for more details.

To ensure the safety and health of all players the committee has developed a set of procedures/rules for a Covid-19 safe return to play for all players using our courts. These are to be strictly adhered to as we do not want to go into ‘lockdown’ again.  Keep safe, follow the plan.

Ballarat Lawn Tennis Club ………  Covid- 19 Return to Play

Coming up to the winter season Ballarat Lawn Tennis Club focuses mainly on junior coaching and social play.

Exercise can resume if

·         Gatherings are no more than 10 people

·         The clubhouse to remain closed

·         Toilets can be made available as long as appropriate hgygiene can be followed and

·         Social distancing to be practised at all times.



·         Please stay at home if you have any flu-like symptoms.

·         Only people core to coaching or playing should be at the venue. No spectators.

·         Keep 1.5 m away from other people.

·         No handshakes.  Toe touches or racquet dips are okay.

·         Sanitise hands before and after play, avoid touching your face.

·         Do not share water bottles, the drink fountain is not to be used.

·         Bring your own hand sanitisation.

·         No off-court gatherings. Get in, play and get out.

·         Leave gates ajar during play, so that players do not need to touch handles.


To respect social distancing laws and sanitisation all players will be expected to enter via the croquet club entrance at the eastern end of the courts and leave via the western baseball field path.

The maximum number of participants at the courts at any time will be limited to 16 players, small groups of up to 10 for coaching purposes.

Junior Coaching:

During coaching times the coaches will oversee court usage and maintain a list of all attendees.

Coaching will take place on courts 1 and 5. Players will enter the precinct in the appropriate direction and wait in the designated area on courts 2 and 4. This is to minimise contact with others entering the precinct. The coach will place a number of cones 1.5m apart as markers for players to stand at while waiting directions from the coach. The coach will apply hand sanitation to each player.

When players complete a coaching session the coach will apply hand sanitation to each player and they will leave via the appropriate gate and direction. Students will not handle any coaching equipment. The coach will then sanitise equipment such as racquets, cones and any other aids. The coach will then instruct waiting players to enter and on entering the playing the area the coach will apply hand sanitation to each player.

Parents and others viewing will be asked to view from outside the court in the designated area. Hand sanitation will be made available to them. They will not be permitted to enter the court area to view their children.

Social Play:

During socail play the club volunteers, eg Darren G, Leigh D, Yvonne P, Danielle S and Ian D, will oversee court usage. The names and phone number of all participants are to be recorded.

Social Play occurs at the club Tuesday evenings, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. All players will enter in the appropriate direction and use hand sanitisation at station 1. The number of players participating at any one time will be limited to 16. Four players per court with a court separating each match, play will occur on courts 1, 3 5 and 7 (or 2, 4, 6 and 8). Any additional players are to self isolate by taking a walk around the park until they are scheduled to play.

Member Play:

Courts 6 and 8 will be made available for members to use when coaching and social play is not taking place.

Court 8 may be used by members for social play during coaching times.